Outstanding Farmers of America Programs

Honoring the achievements of America’s young farmers, anyone is encouraged to nominate a candidate for this prestigious award. The award was established in 1951 by U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) member Dale Spears who wanted to recognized top young farmers in Shenandoah, Iowa. The initiative quickly expanded to a statewide level in Iowa and in 1954, it became a national priority program for the Jaycees.


In 2011, the Outstanding Farmers of America (OFA) took over the program’s administration and continues the program today. Since 1954, ten finalists from across the United States have been recognized at the annual Outstanding Farmers of America convention where four are named National Outstanding Young Farmers of the year. At the annual OFA convention held each February, members of each NOYF class gather to network, tour local agriculture endeavors and foster friendships.


NOYF Awards

Honoring the Achievements of America’s Agriculturalists

As the farmer’s business has changed, so has their involvement in the community. Today’s farmer has become an active citizen, participating in everything from local and state government to civic groups and charitable organizations.

OFA Annual Convention

Formerly known as the National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress, the Outstanding Farmers of America Convention is an annual event OFA members and associate members do not miss. Held each February, in a different OFA region, attendees come together to exchange knowledge, network, discuss trends and challenges and meet the National Outstanding Farmers of America Award candidates. Keynote speakers, tours and networking events help attendees stay informed and foster a connection with each other.


When students hear from farmers, students learn to understand the source and value of agriculture and how it affects their quality of life.


OFA members visit high school students and local FFA chapters to not only tell their farming story but to provide awareness and appreciation of the food system everyone relies on every day.