Outstanding Farmers of America Membership


When you become a finalist for the National Outstanding Young Farmers (NOYF) of America award, you automatically become a member of the Outstanding Farmers of America (OFA). The alumni network fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas and friendships that inspire excellence and engagement in agriculture at all community levels.


Member Benefits

  • Recognition, press releases and award plaque being recognized as a National Outstanding Young Farmer (NOYF)
  • As a first-time finalist, complimentary convention registration and hotel accommodations.
  • Subscription to the Spirit Newsletter
  • Voting rights at the annual membership meeting
  • Lower convention registration fees (after first year)

Associate Membership

In 2024, OFA members recognized the benefits of adding an Associate Member option. Associate members support the OFA’s mission and work in farming or related industry affiliations but have never been a National Outstanding Young Farmer candidate. 


Associate members are students, retirees, farmers, family members of NOYF candidates or professionals who work in the farming industry. Associate members are interested in and support the OFA’s goals and activities.


Associate Member Benefits

  • Subscription to the Spirit Newsletter
  • Reduced registration fee to attend the annual OFA Convention
  • Ability to participate in all OFA convention activities and lobbying trips to Washington, D.C.


Membership Dues

  • Member Dues: once a NOYF candidate has attended the annual OFA convention, they become a member of the OFA. Membership dues are $100 per person and billed annually every August.
  • Associate Member Dues: Associate member dues are $250 per person and billed annually every August. If an associate member would like to attend the OFA convention but has not yet paid their dues, they may pay their dues at the time of convention registration.
  • Lifetime Dues: Lifetime membership allows the OFA to develop strong financials and resources for the future. Lifetime dues are $1,000 per person.

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