President looks forward to a busy year ahead with OFA


As incoming President of the National Outstanding Farmers of America Cheryl and I want to say thank you for allowing us to serve such a wonderful organization. We hope to continue the example of good work and progress that has proceeded us.


Next, we would like to express our thanks to Andrew and Erin Kimmel and Rich and Debbie Norz for their many years of service to the NOYF. We certainly appreciate all you’ve done for the organization. We would also like to thank everyone who had a hand in making the Appleton congress a huge success, the regional committee, Andrew and Erin Kimmel, Rich and Debbie Norz, Chris and Ginger Martin, Marlin and Mary Johnson, Erin Slivka, and Chris Wallace and his team, and everyone else who had a hand in it… we couldn’t pull it off without all you hard-working people.


Speaking of Appleton, how about Thomas Thibodeau! Wow! He was a cool drink of water, wasn’t he?

Thomas sure had the attention of the room! His message of servitude not only humbled me, but I’m sure many of you as well. His message not only related to our daily walk in life but reminded me as an agriculturalist that the world depends on the selflessness of people in agriculture. We are prime examples of how we feed the world with little thought from the consumer, and little praise… we just do what we do, being humble, and without really telling our story. We represent life, and without agriculture life would cease to exist.


As incoming president, we have a full schedule ahead of us for the couple months.